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OK everyone, Ray Maryhausen sent us her idea for the next challenge topic! Here's the link to the details: Show more

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Clay shared 2 photos in the Claymations album 3 days ago

Animating Hamsterfood set up

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tnory Thank you for posting that's really nice 3 days ago
Clay you are welcome 3 days ago
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Hamsterfood stop motion animation

Diviantart: Instagram :@seaflapflap Twitter :@seaflap...

animateclay is friends with Ray Maryhausen

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sword fight training

animation short film

I've added a countdown timer on the left hand side of this page for our 5 week challenges. I may update it with a graphic of some sort so it sticks... Show more

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Amaravella: The Stranger from Fro

Pilot episode of a series set on a magical planet called Amaravella. Panthu, a pale vagrant who is the last survivor of his home planet, Fro, is...