Manso Menso in Sublivia Chapter 2 Revelation with english Subtitles

Uploaded By: Juan Quirós Alvarado . Category: Short Films . Added on: 04 June 2014.
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Synopsis: A being reencarnated from a comic strip into a clay puppett to save his creator´s world

This film made 13 years ago is based in its own nature to propose a dimension that is as far as it is near, a place where imagination and reality merge...
The author originally made in the late years of his adolescence and was only until 13 years passed that it was possible to add sound, reedit and add music and sound.
I will not define it´s possible meanings with words , currently there are various theories as fractal structures , and the existing macrocosm and microcosm , parallel universes , messages from other planets, interplanetary reincarnation and within the planet , etc, etc, I do not want that even the film itself sets a fixed meaning, I want it to be open for infinite possibilities of interpretation, or at least that's my expectation as it's creator.
Finally this rough and homemade appearance plays an important part in the plot where the place continues to be a world and at the same time a room, coincidence often as a material is recycled and elevated , we see for example the spaceship palace made of Styrofoam as if had lost its garbage origin and in this other world takes another contradictory but important role.
I invite you to accompany Menso Manso on his journey to discover what 's really there.....
Juan Alvarado Quiros
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