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    I was commissioned to create production bumper in stop-motion almost 2 years ago. This isn't what I usually do for work, but at the time I was experimenting on my own for quite a while, and someone I worked with passed this info along to a producer in Ireland who decided to take a chance on me that I have definitely not taken for granted!

    I'm super excited because this will be my very first stop-motion film, and I've been working very hard to make it as good as I am able to, putting every skill I have and some new ones to the test, so I can see what level my skills and flaws are at and see where I could maybe fit in the animation world. It's something I always dreamed of, have a tiny bit of education in, but never really believed in myself enough to think I could ever get hired to do it. But here I am, creating and animating a stop-motion film for a production company overseas... It's surreal.

    It's been a huge learning experience! I've always been an enormous fan of all things stop-motion, but now that I'm immersed in creating my own stop-motion film, I've completely fallen in love with the medium. I definitely felt something "click" while I was building my first ball and socket armature, and a very real love affair solidified after I'd compiled my first stack of frames and saw my hard work come to life.

    As an "artist" I've felt very lost and unattached for a really long time, so it's an incredible feeling to finally feel a real connection with a medium. Now if I can just quiet my mind to hone in on what I've been wanting to say and express all these years then maybe this could mean the start of something very positive and productive for me. :)

    All I know is that I've never had a feeling come close to the way I feel when I'm in the zone, working with my hands, with real materials, just making things. If creating stop-motion films allows me to add another few layers of engagement and enjoyment and expressiveness, then I don't want to stop doing it any time soon.


    Please subscribe to my channels, and leave me some feedback (good or bad)! It's really important to me to know what I'm doing right or wrong so I can improve, animate better, tell better stories, express emotions better, everything! My goal is to entertain and engage people with animation. It's very early days on that path, but the more I know, the better work I can create for people to enjoy. Thank you for your time reading this. Namaste! Cheers! :)
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