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Alexander Benton Parris

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Alexander Benton Parris

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    I am returning from a stop motion hiatus. A void in my favorite hobby, that has squandered
    any animations I would have done for the last three years. Well, now I'm here. Hopefully I
    don't wither on the vine of this interesting community; which would be sad, considering that I
    am a senior in high school at Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts, with a focus on the visual
    arts. Because of my school, I have acquired many skills that I did not have when I was younger. My goal is to immerse myself in stop motion once again, and get back to the level of devotion I had in my childhood. Now, I'm not saying the videos I did in grade school were any good; but I was excited about stop motion animation, and every time I wove together a few film, I felt like I was one thread closer to unraveling the secrets of this mysterious art forum.

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