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Finally, after two days I got the re-edited version uploaded again. Sorry for the delay everyone, the audio got cut off towards the end due to an... Show more

Live Stop Motion Chat Show #70 Guest Webster...

Guest Webster Colcord talks about the late clay and stop motion animator Scott Nordlund. The two worked together on many projects spanning their...

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This will be our official site mascot soon - the updated Mad Hatter. I'll be taking large images of him to use in our logo on this site once he's... Show more

I re-titled all our live shows on YouTube to have descriptions of what they are about. I also added longer and detailed descriptions of the contents... Show more

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A brand new monthly challenge is ready for your short film entries! The topic is Haunting:…

I just bought the updgrade that is available for our site. I will try to resolve all the strange bugs after the update - namely the javascript which... Show more

Would anyone like to write any tutorials for the web site? Also, are there any links you'd like us to add to our link section that aren't already... Show more

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I'm re-making the Mad Hatter puppet that I made years ago. I mixed up some new colors and have plans to take some high quality pictures. He's going... Show more

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I made a few new changes to the site to speed it up. It is loading faster than ever! If anyone has any problems with anything not working please let... Show more

One more week until we judge our monthly challenge entries live on our show. Due date is on the 22nd, make sure to finish up before the deadline... Show more

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Puppetlandfilms walk-in workshop films from G....

Some short, short, SHORT films from Puppetlandfilms and G. Willikers walk-in workshop for stop motion animation live in store on Wednesday April...

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Here's our latest monthly challenge! All entries need to be in by May 11th, five weeks from now. If you are new to the challenges, read the detailed... Show more

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3D Printing Silicone

It looks like someone invented a way to 3-D print silicone parts. My guess is the 3-D printing tip injects some sort of catalyst into the raw...

Silicone Molding and Casting Group

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