Jack McCaffrey's Friends

  • selmerkastalje


    is a werewolf af Woodland Animal
  • Nick Loquens

    Nick Loquens

    My Twitter & Instagram: @loquensfilm
  • Clay Mara

    Clay Mara

    There is something that i miss and i don't know what it is,
    Sometimes i think the odds and the system is against me, but as long as i think ill get there,wherever that somewhere is,ill get there somehow.
    Just make sure to trust yourself and give yourself the space and time to do what you feel is right,to find the place in this world were you feel at home.
  • Marc Spess

    Marc Spess

    Sorry there was no live show last night. Our home has been a bit upside down with all that is going on with my moms health. I still have been watching what people post on here and saw Clay Mara and Alex's films were posted. We will make sure to watch them on our next live show. Thanks for getting those in on time! We'll pick the next challenge topic next week after we watch them.
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