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    I'm a character animator. Got my certificate in animation at where I learned 3D animation. Now I'm making the transition to stop motion which is my true passion and what got me into animation.

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Saturday, 16 August 2014 05:58
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2 weeks ago
  • Jilmar added a video.
    1 month ago

    I haven't shared my puppet progress in a while because I put it aside for some time. But I recently made a really short test with it. I'm not happy with how the hands look, and face still needs more tests to figure out. Let me know what you think

  • Jilmar
    1 month ago

    can anyone tell me a good brand of silicone for puppet casting? Thanks!

    Jilmar Cool! Thanks Marc!
    1 month ago
  • Jilmar added a video.
    5 months ago

    Having some fun with clay.............maybe too much fun xD

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  • Jilmar commented on this photo

    7 months ago

    Thanks Marc

  • Jilmar shared a photo.
    7 months ago

    Hey guys. Just wanted to share an update on my puppet, since I was able to pick up some more materials. still needs a paint job on the face. and needs hair, which I'm doing some test to see which will be final. Hands and shoes will be made with liquid latex. Any comments or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks

    Jason Rodgers Fantastic! Yes, those clothes are very nicely done!
    7 months ago
  • Jilmar shared 2 photos in the Jilmar's Photos album
    7 months ago

    Hey everyone, this is not related to the monthly challenge, but I wanted to share a really early stage of a character I'm creating. Everything was sculpted with super sculpey and still needs a paint job and I will also give him hair. I will build up everything with foam and give him some clothes. If you guys have any suggestions they're more than welcomed. This is my first puppet - feeling excited

    Jason Rodgers Looking good! Can't wait to see your finished puppet
    7 months ago
  • Jilmar added a video.
    7 months ago

    Morph accepts the ice bucket challenge. Following his drenching Morph donated to the Motor Neurone Disease Association at...

    Funny Morph . There's a lot of cool claymations and behind the scenes in their channel if you havent checked them out

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  • Jilmar commented on Brian Beck's album

    8 months ago

    This looks brilliant! I love your designs, sculptures and the behind the scenes stuff, keep us posted and best of luck in the project!

    Zombie Red Riding hood

    A 1 minute animated short I am working on as a skill building project.

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  • Jilmar added a video.
    8 months ago

    A body acting exercise I just finished and I wanted to share it. Hope you like it any comments and suggestions are more than welcome. Time to finally get some sleep! - feeling tired

    Jilmar Thanks Marc! yes I did add motion blur
    8 months ago


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