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  • Jim Reeve

    Jim Reeve

    Started filming my new mixed animation and live action clip today. The live action was filmed with an empty space for the animated character. I'll animate the character next and add him in using chromakey. The character is the monkey in the photo I posted a few week ago. At this stage it is just a short clip (about 1 minute 45 seconds, to try out the technique. Watch this space...
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    Nick Hilligoss

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  • Andrew


    3 hours of animating over and another shot for Hope is completed (still a lot to go) now time to edit !
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  • Nicola Dal Pont

    Nicola Dal Pont

    VanAken vs Newplast... mmmmh... how about both in the same model?
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  • Kit Wareham-Norfolk

    Kit Wareham-Norfolk

    I've updated my profile picture today. While looking back through the forum I found that entries from 'Bigwig' are showing up with my new 'Pipsqueak Studios' logo.
    I have no idea how or why this happens, but please note that I am not 'Bigwig'.

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