Great video!

Hunkbug thank you! 1 month ago

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My latest stop motion short, Entered it in the animateclay competition!

The Monster Salesman - Stop Motion Short

This animation was created for a stop motion competition held over at Stamp Motion on social media:...

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Mr. Clay's new lazy cat, Butters!

Anybody wanna join me for a live Stop mo animation chat?
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Watch me animate! I'll link here when I'm set up..

animateclay That's cool Stamp, I'll be eating here and I need to smooth out a sculpt....make a video...fulfill some orders etc. But I'll take a look when I'm in... Show more 5 months ago
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Merry Christmas!

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Want to support my animation work? Buy my photos on Foap!

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Hello All, Finally a new video! This time did something a little different, LEGO!

Stealthy Skelly (Brickfilm)

Back with a new video, Minecraft themed!

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First BTS style video on my second channel!

Still here! A new project is in the works that will contain Flash animation and real world environments.

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Photos are being loaded.

I posted on the Forum…

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Puppet Putty Clay Animation (test)

doing some testing stuff, first time using Premiere pro for editing/chroma keying.. Made with Puppet Putty

Sorry I wasn't able to make it tonight. Perhaps next time.