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  • Clay Mara
    9 hours 12 minutes ago

    There is something that i miss and i don't know what it is,
    Sometimes i think the odds and the system is against me, but as long as i think ill get there,wherever that somewhere is,ill get there somehow.
    Just make sure to trust yourself and give yourself the space and time to do what you feel is right,to find the place in this world were you feel at home.

  • Clay Mara shared 5 photos in the Clay Mara's Photos album
    9 hours 17 minutes ago

    Vote for the pumpkin queen this year!
    Lol haha making pumpkins for my Halloween special "The Nambi"

  • selmerkastalje uploaded a new Group cover, Stop Motion heads

    9 hours 49 minutes ago

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  • eva uploaded a new Profile cover

    14 hours 26 minutes ago

  • eva uploaded a new Profile cover

    14 hours 27 minutes ago

  • Clay Mara

    Working on sculpting pumpkins,tomorrow the plants and then i need to make the Nambi

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  • Clae M. Ashun link a video.
    2 days ago

    A short claymation I made.

  • Nicola Dal Pont
    3 days ago

    Six months in Sydney.... looking for animation workshop space

  • Shaun Bloom has liked a Video

    4 days ago

    Music video Claymation

    My new project is a music video and i also finally got a job,yay me.

  • selmerkastalje is friends with Vitor
  • Vitor link a video.
    4 days ago

    This video is about Saudade

  • Clay Mara shared a photo.
    5 days ago

    New character creature im creating, possibly for this months Halloween challenge if i finish in time

    Marc Spess That will make a nice puppet. I think you'll need some wire in those wings.
    4 days ago 1
  • Vitor uploaded a new Profile cover

    6 days ago

  • Vitor shared 2 photos in the Vitor's Photos album
    6 days ago

  • Vitor shared a photo.
    6 days ago

  • Nicola Dal Pont shared 5 photos in the Everyone floats in the end... album
    7 days ago

    Freely inspired by Stephen King's "IT" novel. Starting to work on details now. Head modeled at the local play centre where toddlers, older...
    selmerkastalje cool
    6 days ago
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