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johnken424 replied to the topic 'The Hunt' in the forum. 9 hours 27 minutes ago

That was really good! Great job!


ethan150 replied to the topic 'The Hunt' in the forum. 20 hours 41 minutes ago

It is good.
keep it up and i give you 5 out of 5 rating bro.

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animateclay thanked johnken424 in topic Jay here! yesterday
johnken424 replied to the topic 'Jay here!' in the forum. 2 days ago

I started doing stop-motion and claymation in February 2016 and have fallen in love with it. I'm very new to this community and art form so please any constructive criticism would be nice.

If you're interested in seeing some of my work, find it here.


clay_gladiator added a video. 2 days ago

New video online!!! Enjoy 1 part - feeling happy

How to make a cheap stop motion...

How to make a cheap stop motion armature tutorial video. In this part of the tutorial i show how to make a stop motion armature with cheap material....

Joshjam2 added a video. 2 days ago

Hey everybody, here's another little test I was working on tonight. Let me know your thoughts. Most of the focus was working on timing, eye... Show more

An Encounter

Test of timing, eye movement, multiple characters.

animateclay Animating a lot of puppets together is hard - I'd say you did a good job here! 20 hours 3 minutes ago

I've been doing some character animation and was wondering if I could get some feedback on it. it would be very much appreciated

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animateclay It's very good pointer. I like the shaky hands you added in at certain points to show how emotional he is. If I were to try and improve on this... Show more 3 days ago
Joshjam2 This is really good lip syncing. Well done!! 2 days ago
Tamarame added a video. 3 days ago

Today's episode is about my first view days in art school. - feeling happy

Meeting my classmates-Art School | Animation

This weeks episode is about my first experiences with meeting my classmates and starting art school. NEW animations on MONDAY! ► SUBSCRIBE to stay...