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Ive delited my channel clay mara, personally i have all the videos ive made on my computer. Now tamarame is still online and im not sure what ill be... Show more

Looking for corporate video production company in Bangalore & explainer, animation video maker in Chennai?

Hire Village Talkies, a top quality...
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Freddy-Sculptor shared a video in group. 2 days ago

Тизер нашего будущего фильма. Мы работали долго и усердно, так что надеюсь Вам понравится. Приятного просмотра!
p.s подписывайтесь на канал! Нам...
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Star Wars: the choice. Тизер фан-фильма

События фильма развернутся в период Войны клонов. _ _ _ _ _ Наконец мы можем показать первые мазки нашей картины. Если Вам понравился тизер, то...

Eathenwotring shared a video in group. 4 days ago

Just a short little film

Rainbow rabbits - spaced out

Freddy-Sculptor shared 3 photos in the frames from films album 2 weeks ago

Teaser of my new movie coming soon

Photos are being loaded.
ianharding has liked a Video 3 weeks ago

Kidzilla subtitled

Been slowing down on social media, but enjoying my summer vacation!
I dont know when ill be making new clayanimations, just trying to figure out...
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animateclay Sounds good Tamarame. I say find something that can hold your interest for a long time. That way you don't get burned out too fast. 3 weeks ago
Tamarame True, just enjoying life for a while. 3 weeks ago
ianharding Hope your enjoying the sunshine, look forward in seeing what you decide to do for an animation when you get back to it 3 weeks ago
animateclay created a new topic ' July 18th to August 22nd, 2018 Puppet Making Challenge: Elves' in the forum. 4 weeks ago

It's time to switch things up. This challenge will be a puppet making challenge to test your skills. Puppets can be made of clay, fabric, plastic, wood or found parts. It must be something you can animate. No toys will be allowed.

The topic is Elves!

I would suggest sketching puppets first. Wire armatures will be easiest to make. Then anything goes for the rest as long as it is on topic.

For design ideas, here is what pops up on google images when I did a search:

Post photos in here when you're done to enter and we'll discuss your puppets live on the 22nd. Good luck everyone!


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