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flash mcqueen last action hero

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stopmotion cars race

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what happens when flash mcqueen takes himself for san goku in dragon ball

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Jim added a video. 19 hours 20 minutes ago

Still Life

What happens when an artist's paintings are too life like?

Dirty Red replied to the topic 'January 10th to February 14, 2018 topic: Funny Accident!' in the forum. 22 hours 59 minutes ago

i hope a lot get in on this one. this my first one and love everyones work


johnken424 added a video. yesterday

LOL Surprise Doll Stop Motion Play Doh Coloring...

Today we make an LOL Surprise Doll out of Play Doh in this Stop Motion for Children. We also color LOL doll Sugar! Who should we make next? For more...

animateclay replied to the topic 'Which material is this?' in the forum. 2 days ago

Hey DrNibbert, welcome to the site. I believe they are using either a foam silicone or cold cast foam urethane. Soma Foama is I believe one brand of foam silicone you can look up. You can pigment it with tints as well as with paints specially made for silicone. Try Smooth-On, they have all sorts of really good materials. Here's the Soma Foama:

Here are their line of silicone paint products:

I use their stuff a lot, they are a good company. If you call them their tech support is really good too.


DrNibbert created a new topic ' Which material is this?' in the forum. 3 days ago

Hey everyone!

I always believed that Stopmotion was mostly done with plasticine, until i cam across this video on youtube:

Can anyone tell me what material they are using for the body? (this grey paste) and were i can buy it?

Also what kind of colors they use to paint it - i guess that it needs to be a special color that doesn't crumble?

Thanks a lot for your support!!