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ianharding Lukas's Photo 2 hours 16 minutes ago
Lukas shared 2 photos in the Stream Photos album 3 days ago

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ianharding Hi, Lukas, great to see behind the scenes photo's of your sets, Thumbs Up 2 hours 17 minutes ago

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This is really cool, it reminds me of a 2-D side scrolling video game in some way. Also I didn't really realize the scale of your characters was so small until I saw the lamp and paper next to them. It really puts it in perspective.

As for video editing, there are a lot of choices out there. I do like Sony Vegas, but compared to Adobe Premiere, it's a bit on the limited side. But I make do with it and it does allow you to do most things and is straight forward. The learning curve isn't too steep and it's also not going to break the bank. I think I bought mine for 50 bucks, at least not too bad.


Lukas and 2 others have liked charuhas's Profile 3 days ago

That's a great idea! I think those digital mouth stickers would work great on these cats.

Unfortunately I don't have much in the way of software right now. So far I've been getting by using only freeware programs like Photolapse and the demo version of Videopad editor lol.

I think the next real step for me to improve the quality of my videos would defiantly be to get some decent video editing software. Or maybe a program made specifically for stop-motion. I cant afford anything super expensive but I would like this software to have the ability to do two things:
1. Be able to use a green screen so I can can add backgrounds with more depth or even animated backgrounds. This would open up a whole new dimension of possibilities for me.
2. Be able to transparently see my last frame over each new picture I take, So I can make sure there isn't too much movement between each transition. This would just make things easier, especially when animating many things at once. It can be easy to lose track and forget to move something or move to move an object too much for one frame.

Do you (or any one else who reads this) know of any reasonably priced software capable of doing this?

Like most of us, I've been stuck home. so I've been working pretty steady on this project. Animation is almost complete and I'll soon be starting to work on the audio. Here's a few pics;

When we pull back the curtain, things start looking a little less magical...


That's all for now! Peace!