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Marc Spess 2013 Demo Reel

Some of the projects I've worked on. The first is Zombie Pirates. Rich Lauzon designed the characters on paper, I sculpted and animated them. The...

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This looks amazing! Id this a home made camera rig?

Animation Stage

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I love this! ...very Terry Gilliam. Great work

The River 2D

The River is a whimsical stop motion animation we created to the song River of Snot by the iconic Canadian musical trio The Arrogant Worms. Shot in...

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A fake advert!...made many years ago to get some work with advertising agencies! notice the very lazy character design to make the puppet as easy... Show more

Unified Insurance Cover

A stop-motion advert for Unified Insurance Cover. The commercial is designed to reach a target audience of freshmen students about to start...

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