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I think that the hatter is definitely a better choice. But since it's so small, maybe you could crop it down to just a "head and shoulders" framing so that it's a little tighter and easier to see? Again - just a thought. It also fine works as is. With that hat, he does look a little like a magician.

If it's easy to change, maybe you could "revolve" it. Put in a pic of one of your new characters from the apple story. Or swap the pic out with different characters every month or two?

And thanks for the font color change. MUCH better.


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Escape - Aussie House Swap

Sometimes there's only one solution. Or are there two?

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RandyB This is the final ad I created for Aussie House Swap. It was fun to finally do some lip sync again, which the first three ads avoided. The company... Show more 2 months ago

Bummer that the logo pic has to be so small. Maybe you could take of shot of the mad hatter, but with your hand on the puppet like you're animating it? That might help to show what the site is all about. The current pic of the hat and film almost seem to indicate that it's just a stop-mo fan site, rather than the "so much more" that it really is.

Just a thought.


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Hi Marc - I know you discussed it at the last show, but I signed in just now and was still shocked to see the change. I think the "new-old" name should definitely work better for attracting wider audiences. The name is good, but maybe you should retire the Hat and Film and come up with a fresher image. The Mad Hatter is such a beautiful puppet, as are all of your puppets, but do you have any old monster-type, latex-type puppets lying around? Perhaps you could pose a fight scene with the Mad Hatter and a more realistic monster, showing both mediums in the logo? That might be another way to entice folks with different interests.

A note about the font colors - In the forum, some blue backgrounds have words in a color (is it gray?) that is almost the same as the background, (or maybe it's blue on gray?) making them very difficult to read - especially for us old folks whose sight is fading. I suggest better contrast on your verbiage if you want to attract old masters, etc. - hehe

Change is a good thing. I'll be curious to see how this site morphs.

And make sure to post a notice when the URL changes.


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Here's my entry for the outdoor sport category. I made this whole thing just yesterday. ;)


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This was a fun piece to animate. It's been years since I blew up someone's head.

Pressure - Aussie House Swap

Some kids just go too far to get what they want.

I've finished my new stop-mo shadow-puppet film, "Blue Jays". Have a look if you'd like. Here's the link:

Blue Jays

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Here's an ad I created in the summer of 2016.

Doreen's Dance - Aussie House Swap

Doreen's peaceful day is interrupted, but she makes the best of it in this spot for Aussie House Swap.

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This might be sort of appropriate for Halloween.

Grand Hype Hotel - Aussie House Swap

A couple pays their shocking hotel bill in an awful way. An alternative to that situation is offered in the way of Aussie House Swap.

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