Zombie Pirate Tales Episode 1

Here is one of the short films I created. It uses both clay animation and foam latex for the puppets.

BERT - Very Short Stop Motion Enjoy

Stop Motion Bert

A quick rehash, on a game project titled Bert. Hopefully I'll be able to get some game footage up here as well. I Hope you enjoy.


My updated Showreel! Hope you enjoy:)

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Wire Removal

This Is a quick video showing how I animated an extending wire, and how the 'extra' wire was removed with frame by frame roto painting.

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Robot Test Animation

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JunkBots - Unedited Shots

Unedited shots of my upcoming short animation JunkBots (a working title).

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Car Scene - Composite Test

This video shows the process of compositing with multiple exposures (a green screen and a orange screen). I show how to fix a green character that...