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Hi all.

Let me introduce myself. Marc has mentioned my work on his channel before. I am a Stop Motion Youtuber. You might had seen my film Dan if the Dead also featured on here.

I am currently working on a few tutorials for everyone to check out. My first one is up. Removing a rig in Premiere Pro

I’d love you to check the channel out My Animated Life: Peter Ellis

Here is the video [video]


Latest video I’ve uploaded. I hope it’s helpful to you. Please subscribe. I’ll be making more ???

Stop Motion Tutorial - How to remove a rig in...

My first Stop Motion tutorial. how to remove a rig in Premiere Pro. I show you how I remove my cheap stop motion winder rig from my shot in Premiere...

My review of Early Man

Early Man Review

Early Man review. Lorna and I go to see Aardman animation’s new film Early Man by Nick Park. The guy who inspired me and made me want to become an...

Latest Scope Animation episode available here

Scope Animation Episode #1

Scope Animation brings you tips, tricks & news on everything Stop-Motion. We take you behind the scenes on how you create a Stop-Motion film....

animateclay I hope you keep making more videos, the first two episodes were really good! 7 years ago
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