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Hi all.

Let me introduce myself. Marc has mentioned my work on his channel before. I am a Stop Motion Youtuber. You might had seen my film Dan if the Dead also featured on here.

I am currently working on a few tutorials for everyone to check out. My first one is up. Removing a rig in Premiere Pro

I’d love you to check the channel out My Animated Life: Peter Ellis

Here is the video [video]


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Latest video I’ve uploaded. I hope it’s helpful to you. Please subscribe. I’ll be making more 😀👍🏻

Stop Motion Tutorial - How to remove a rig in...

My first Stop Motion tutorial. how to remove a rig in Premiere Pro. I show you how I remove my cheap stop motion winder rig from my shot in Premiere...

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My review of Early Man

Early Man Review

Early Man review. Lorna and I go to see Aardman animation’s new film Early Man by Nick Park. The guy who inspired me and made me want to become an...

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Latest Scope Animation episode available here

Scope Animation Episode #1

Scope Animation brings you tips, tricks & news on everything Stop-Motion. We take you behind the scenes on how you create a Stop-Motion film....

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animateclay I hope you keep making more videos, the first two episodes were really good! 3 years ago
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