The Pizza Delivery Guy - Stop Motion

A funny short story about a pizza delivery guy bringing a pizza to a spooky house where strange things happen.

animateclay Nice work 7stomo7. Everything came together really well and the story was funny as well. 2 months ago

Thank you, djavh, for subscribing and the comment on youtube. I made an aluminium wire armature. The unflexible parts like chest, feet, upper and lower arm, upper and lower leg were stabilized with "Fimo" clay which hardens at 100°C in the oven. The rig holding the figure was juast a normal "helping hand" like it is used for soldering. I removed that in photoshop.

BTW I also like your work, even if the clips are sometimes a bit cruel;-)
Your 23 min clip is impressive, and I like the hunting video as well.


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Finally my third production is finished. I worked very carefully on the scenery. I hope you enjoy it. I'd be pleased about any comments.



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Just finished a short Easter cartoon with my kids. I hope you enjoy it. I'm excited about any feedback. Thanks.



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Thank you very much for your feedback. I'm sure I can learn a lot about making stop motion videos in this forum. I'll go on and try to implement your tips. Thanks.