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7stomo7 replied to the topic 'Casper - my first stop motion video' in the forum. 5 months ago

Thank you very much for your feedback. I'm sure I can learn a lot about making stop motion videos in this forum. I'll go on and try to implement your tips. Thanks.


7stomo7 created a new topic ' Casper - my first stop motion video' in the forum. 5 months ago

I just finished my first stop motion video and would like to hear some critisism and suggestions for improvements.
I really had some problems with my puppet with wire armature. Precise movements were very hard to do. So I will definitely make a new puppet for my next project - probably soft clay. Also the scale (1:6) turned out to be difficult. My next puppet will be much smaller. The shadows on the background (sky) should also be avoided. I hope you can give me some suggestions for my further projects.



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7stomo7 replied to the topic 'Introduce Yourself Here' in the forum. 5 months ago

I'm a Swiss biologist. I always loved stop motion movies like "wallace and gromit" or "Shaun the sheep". I also wanted to try it out and started half a year ago to make my own short sequences. I hope to find in this forum good tips to improve my work and ideas for future projects.