Perhaps so. Just wanted to throw it out there. thx =)


I am throwing out a queen mattress and box spring, and am wondering if there could be any stop-motion use for the coils. I do plan to pull the foam out to use but am not sure what the coils can be used for. Thx


Hi, I'm back at it again. Thanks for this. I'm not completely clear on what that foam is. Will have to make a trip to Lowe's to compare the feel of different types of foam. I do have some styrofoam, and had planned to use that. But they are not in blocks, they are in small sheets about an inch thick. I did pick up a styrofoam cutter per your recommendations and am looking forward to finally getting started.


Thank you for your suggestion. would you be willing to share more about your process of making a landscape out of these materials?


Hey most of the time people build their sets with hard foam and carve it with a hot knife, I added a link to a Youtube video as an example.
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Hi all,
What foundational materials would you suggest for building a set with mountains and caves? Probably about a foot tall. I am trying to post a photo but getting an error saying it couldn't create an attachment directory. So just picture random Arizona large tall rounded rock formations and a few caves. Thank you


Thanks yeah that makes sense. I guess the SD card it is. I'll upgrade soon and then be able to capture directly. If the software would detect the phone, that is. The phone itself is a second, dedicated phone. I actually modified a wardrobe hanger to make a top-down setup with a custom piece that came off of a cheap garage sale tripod - it managed to just fit. Problem is, it sits so high on the workbench that it's not really practical. So I"m thinking I"ll order a gooseneck clip phone holder from Amazon. I bought a teeny little Bluetooth tripod and it has a remote that works with the Android, so that was worth the price of admission.

What i really want to do is set up a space inside so i can use temporary blackout curtains to control the lighting.


Hi all, starting over and jumping in full steam.

Regarding my setup, I have an older Macbook that is on 10.8.5 ( if I upgrade there is some important software I will fry so it will have to wait until i get a second machine). Dragonframe, Stop Mo Studio etc don't work on this bc it's too old.
I also have an RCA Cambio Windows 10 tablet, but that's not very robust for editing.

So I've got a Samsung phone equipped with Stop Motion Studio that will be a dedicated stop motion phone. I've figured out that I can screencast it to the Roku to monitor the picture. The question is, so there's not much space on this phone. I guess I would save to SD card, but then would need to transfer it to the Mac. Tried to Bluetooth transfer it the other day, but the final file was only 9kb. Did it again, same result.

Question is this: when you capture from your phone, do you capture to the SD card? The cloud?



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Love it!


I've got a few drill bits somewhere - not sure how many or in what condition. No wood screws. There's some verrrrry old wood glue in there - might be good, might be cement. Got some gorilla glue though. That stuff's awesome. Saved my swiffer, two pairs of shoes so far!

Found an old Manfrotto super clamp around here and am going to dig out my lighting stands today, which along with the $5 cellphone tripod adapter, should be adaptable to a top-down camera. Jimmyrigged for now.

Can't wait to get started playing with sets and materials. I've been collecting bits and pieces from yard sales for some time - fish tank gravel, rocks, craft materials, glitter, sand and so on to use for this.

The goal for now is to get the main overhead set up, and to just learn the basic process for several types of techniques: have a working set area with camera setup. Alongside that, I'd like to get a basic workflow down for digital animation for watercolor and for drawing (although my drawing is a bit lacking so I'm working on those skills too - proportions and such).

Then the process of coming up with script ideas will begin.

The sets video is a long one, so I'm going to review some of it this morning.


Thank you. Sorry, thought I had responded to your post! I've turned my attention to other things and am now coming back to this .

That's a very clever idea to put a webcam next to the camera. Figured out I could use my Android phone, and am now to trying to find a quick and easy way to hook up a top-down stand. Have tripods for the straight-on shot but am stuck on the high-up shot stand.
Still working on the workflow. I'm not really set up for things to work together yet.

Am going to go back through the video you made some time ago about making a set. I'm 101 when it comes to tools, having only a few very basic hand-me-down things - little electric saw, a drill, a sander, none of which I have ever used. So there's a woodshop learning curve as well.
I'm ready to dive in and looking forward to the info on this site.