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Dirty Red informed me of the topic he chose after winning the former 5 week outdoor activities challenge. It's Robots! I don't think we've ever done a robot related topic before so this one should hopefully an interesting one for everyone.

As usual if anyone needs to learn the rules, check out or 5 week challenge rules at the top of our page and good luck!


Hey everyone, it seems again my forum post from last night in here disappeared. I think this previously happened, has anyone else had missing posts?

Anyway, I want to thank Dirty for his amazing submission. The use of cycles to extend the dialogue parts of the film was very smart. Also the use of forced perspective with the fishing bobber was also very well done. Even the animation was smooth across the entire film. So great job Dirty!

I'll be sending Dirty a message and we'll come up with a new topic for the next challenge. So stay tuned and we'll be able to begin soon!

Also, thank you Randy for your funny re-post. They are always funny to watch :)


No live show tonight everyone. My wife just got back from a 2 week trip. We'll pick up where we left off next week!

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Hey everyone, we are extending our 5 week challenge by 2 more weeks. Next Wednesday the 2nd is when my wife comes home from the Philippines. I... Show more

Hi Dirty, thanks for entering the challenge. I didn't notice you posted your film at the last moment. I'm going to extend this challenge for two weeks. The reason for 2 weeks is that my wife comes home May 2nd from her trip. I will be picking her up at the airport. I didn't realize she got back on a Wednesday. So I'm going to extend this challenge to the 9th of May, how does that sound? Then we can watch your and any other entries together during our live show then.


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Hi Angelini, I have seen this armature in the past. Have you tried to use one for animation in the past? I'm curious as to how long the tension holds up in parts like the ankles. While carbon fiber is strong, the friction is what holds the puppet in place. So my main worry with these is that the epoxy holding the carbon together is the weak link. I would be afraid that after a short time the parts touching the balls would quickly loosen as the epoxy wears down. They do look nice though and if they are light weight that's a great thing.


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Only in the best of ways Greg :)


Winner of our last 5 week challenge for the Burger theme and over-all funny guy gregr3398 came up with the new topic. Outdoor sport/activities/hobbies. As always if anyone needs help with the rules or with getting set up with some free capture software, please visit our 5 Week Challenge Rules at the top of the page. Post your final films in this forum thread to have it included. Good luck everyone!


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Oh, for some reason my message never posted here. Well, hopefully it doesn't pop up and you guys see this twice but thanks both of you for entering your short films. Greg was the winner and our audience loved seeing each during the live show.

I contacted Greg and once he gets back to me I'll start a new thread as always and announce the new 5 week challenge. Thanks both of you again and sorry Dirty - it sounds like he almost was able to post his film at the last moment. Hopefully he will still post it here as a reply!


Hey everyone, we need to put our live show off today until next week. We had some unexpected sad problem and had to deal with a life and death... Show more