I like the space suit helmets, the alien set is really creepy too. Really love it!


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Clair (who won the Cat challenge) chose Extraterrestrial for our new 5 week challenge. This one should be a lot of fun. If you're new to the challenges, please see our updated 5 Week Challenge Rules link at the top of our site. I posted a link to Heron Animation, the free capture program which is a little buggy, but will do the job for those without any software. Good luck everyone!


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Hey Clare, you submitted your first animation and you just won your first challenge! Congrats for that, you had the most votes during our live show.

Everyone did great as always. Tamara and Xiakeyra did top notch jobs with both telling a short story quickly and improving over-all.

Clare I will send you a message about choosing the next topic and your prize.


I just want to make a quick post here to thank Mr_Force for volunteering to help moderate the site. Although we don't get a ton of spam any more,... Show more

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Cool, is Big Mon going to be in more of your future films? He looks like he needs to have a series. As for the story, people are so easily offended these days - that you might become infamous.