Hey everyone. Tonight there will be no live show. I know everyone is getting ready for Thanksgiving - so we're going to skip this week. We also have... Show more

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I guess with Sculpey being a polymer, it's more in line with being like a LEGO brick than a clay. Good to know!

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Oh that's strange. One thing that might happen is that there's a dialogue box that pops up before you render your animation. Sometimes if you have deleted frames, those frames can transfer to the render - but I forget what it asks specifically. It's like it asks if you want to save the order of frames since there are some frames deleted already. Does anyone remember exactly what it says? Essentially you want to click that yes you accept the order and then render it out. If not you'll get any deleted frames with your hands or surface gages in there.


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gregr3398 Great share, thanks Marc! 3 weeks ago
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Yes, it is feathers everyone. Sorry I should have mentioned on this thread that Ken did finally get back to me the other day. Since it took him a while to choose a new topic I added on a little extra time. So it's 5 weeks and 3 days. I know at least for Greg - this might help him since he is always adding his films at the last moment :)


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Okay, it took a while but Ken finally got back to me about the new topic. He chose, Feather! I've added on an additional week to this challenge due to the delay. Actually it's only a three day extension. The rules are the same as usual but if anyone has any questions just ask in this thread, or read the 5 Week Challenge Rules at the top of our page. Good luck everyone!


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Great work everyone! The entries this time were a lot of fun to watch and very entertaining. Tonight we watched all entries and we had about 12 people watching the show live at the very end. Ken got the most votes, so congrats Ken on a very well done piece! Everyone noticed how smooth your animation was.

I will contact Ken and we'll come up with a new topic for the next challenge, so stay tuned for a new forum post about that soon...


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