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Alright, the new topic has been chosen. How many scenarios can you think of where a burger comes into play? Could it be the cause of an argument? Or perhaps one may come alive after escaping a fast food restaurant? Whatever comes to your imagination is what you can submit in our latest 5 week challenge. All entries must be in by March 21st and we will vote on the winner during our live show that night at 8PM Central as always. Just post your entries as a reply to this thread for inclusion. Have fun - and if you have questions about the rules please see our 5 week challenge rule section at the top of the page. You can also ask questions below.


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Thanks Tamarame, Dirty and Ray Maryhausen for all your entries. I have to say I enjoyed them all, it's a bit of a tough decision for me to break the tie as Dirty and Tamara had the same number of votes during our live show. So the winner for this 5 week challenge is....... Tamarame! I have to say, Ray Maryhausen always makes the nicest cut-out animations. I always laugh, but then again my sense of humor is a bit more strange than most :)

I will send Tamarame a message letting her know and as soon as she lets me know the next topic, I will post it in our forums.


Hey everyone, something has come up and I can't do a live show tonight. Don't worry, we'll have one next week for sure. We also plan to have a... Show more

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Hey DrNibbert, welcome to the site. I believe they are using either a foam silicone or cold cast foam urethane. Soma Foama is I believe one brand of foam silicone you can look up. You can pigment it with tints as well as with paints specially made for silicone. Try Smooth-On, they have all sorts of really good materials. Here's the Soma Foama:

Here are their line of silicone paint products:

I use their stuff a lot, they are a good company. If you call them their tech support is really good too.


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It's time for the first official 2018 challenge! Time goes by fast so get your story ideas down and sketch your character designs. This one will be the topic "Funny Accident" thanks to Tamarame who came up with the idea.

As always the rules are the same in that you can interpret "Funny Accident" any way you like. If anyone has questions feel free to leave your questions as a reply here or visit our 5 Week Challenge Rules link at the top of the page. As long as your entry is posted here before the end date we will show it, discuss and vote for the best film on our live show.


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I'm going to message Tamarame now, once she chooses the next topic - I'll announce the next one. I also want to say thanks Tamarame for yet another well done film entry!


Hi everyone, we were invited to a family gathering tonight. So no live show sad to say, see you all next week!

Oh, what am I asking - I see that you wrote "3 months" in your title hah! Well - I think film school would make a good fit for you. You already know more than most from what I can tell. Have you considered skipping school and applying for Laika or Aardman as an intern?