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animateclay commented on Animatoste's video 2 weeks ago

Great work! I really like the alien character in this, I think your designs are always getting better.

Planeta Chimæra Parte 2 Recién llegados (a)...

Luego de un año volvemos a vislumbrar otros sectores del planeta Chimæra, que poco a poco va desenvolviendo su misterio. Otra entrada más de esta...

tortora and animateclay have commented on tortora's video 2 months ago

Hi, you're right ill' try to create a story and see what happens thank you!!!

ily.tortora - winter holiday!! | Facebook

animateclay commented on Eathenwotring's video 3 months ago

Very creepy Ethan!

I fallowed a rainbow to hell: trick r treat...

A fan made trick r treat animation from the rainbow to hell series

animateclay commented on Scottie D.'s video 3 months ago

Lol, that's hilarious, you really have the reaction timing and expression down perfect.

Magical Cat: Episode 5

What’s in those rain boots?! 👁👄👁

For those of you who capture your stop motion on a phone and have a 3D printer - this is a great phone tripod:... Show more

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animateclay commented on Xiakeyra's photo 4 months ago

This is great, I knew it was you instantly.

I tried to make myself with clay but I don't get to make my face features right
animateclay replied to the topic 'Hello! New to claymation' in the forum. 4 months ago

Hi Jess, welcome to the site. For starters you might check out the beginner guides and video tutorials on our site here:

Most stuff is in there that beginners want to learn. Just a basic run-down on what you need, are a phone or computer with some free capture software. Clay (obviously) and a few other materials such as wire and epoxy putty for armature making. If your designs require one. You also need a small space to set it up and at least a couple of lights you can use to illuminate your scene.

It can get very complicated the more you delve into it - so if you have any specific problems you need solutions to feel free to ask.


Here's something you might like - it's a way to secure a phone on your neck for when you go on trips. However it would be easy to clamp one of these or wrap them onto tripods if you have one. The video is sort of a joke so you might get a laugh :)


Hmm, I think your best bet would be to capture to an SD card. It sounds like the bluetooth option isn't sending a file size that's normal. That is - it sounds too small and why would the file size be the same? But really if you capture to the cloud or an SD card you should get the same result. The cloud is free but takes time to upload/download stuff. With an SD card you can just plug your phone into your computer and transfer really fast, and your SD card can be used as a temporary backup.

The only big hurdle is you'd need a way to lock your phone down, like a custom tripod. Or perhaps one you can buy and modify. Also taking photos should be triggered with a headphone button if possible. That way you don't get a jerky phone camera during animation. I imagine you already know but you'd have to keep your phone plugged into your charger so it won't run out of power for long shots you animate. Even with DSLR cameras it can be a big issue.


animateclay commented on Scottie D.'s video 5 months ago

That was awesome lol.

Magical Cat: Episode 4

Snoozy buddy!

There's a firmware update for Canon DSLR's just for stop motion animators that use Dragonframe. Here's the info:... Show more

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animateclay commented on Scottie D.'s video 7 months ago

Reminds me of my cat, equipped with all the right tools but lacking much of a brain

Magical Cat: Episode 3

Get the bug!!!