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Hi Angelini, I have seen this armature in the past. Have you tried to use one for animation in the past? I'm curious as to how long the tension holds up in parts like the ankles. While carbon fiber is strong, the friction is what holds the puppet in place. So my main worry with these is that the epoxy holding the carbon together is the weak link. I would be afraid that after a short time the parts touching the balls would quickly loosen as the epoxy wears down. They do look nice though and if they are light weight that's a great thing.


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Only in the best of ways Greg :)


Winner of our last 5 week challenge for the Burger theme and over-all funny guy gregr3398 came up with the new topic. Outdoor sport/activities/hobbies. As always if anyone needs help with the rules or with getting set up with some free capture software, please visit our 5 Week Challenge Rules at the top of the page. Post your final films in this forum thread to have it included. Good luck everyone!


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Oh, for some reason my message never posted here. Well, hopefully it doesn't pop up and you guys see this twice but thanks both of you for entering your short films. Greg was the winner and our audience loved seeing each during the live show.

I contacted Greg and once he gets back to me I'll start a new thread as always and announce the new 5 week challenge. Thanks both of you again and sorry Dirty - it sounds like he almost was able to post his film at the last moment. Hopefully he will still post it here as a reply!


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Hi Jack, Don Carlson and myself both can't think of what this film was called. YouTube was formed in 2005 so it may be lost to time. The other possibility is that it's in my favorite list on my YouTube channel somewhere here:

I would search through the earliest ones and see if you find it there.Who knows, maybe the creator of that animation will see this post and reply. Until then you may need to do some more searching unfortunately :)


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Alright, the new topic has been chosen. How many scenarios can you think of where a burger comes into play? Could it be the cause of an argument? Or perhaps one may come alive after escaping a fast food restaurant? Whatever comes to your imagination is what you can submit in our latest 5 week challenge. All entries must be in by March 21st and we will vote on the winner during our live show that night at 8PM Central as always. Just post your entries as a reply to this thread for inclusion. Have fun - and if you have questions about the rules please see our 5 week challenge rule section at the top of the page. You can also ask questions below.


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Thanks Tamarame, Dirty and Ray Maryhausen for all your entries. I have to say I enjoyed them all, it's a bit of a tough decision for me to break the tie as Dirty and Tamara had the same number of votes during our live show. So the winner for this 5 week challenge is....... Tamarame! I have to say, Ray Maryhausen always makes the nicest cut-out animations. I always laugh, but then again my sense of humor is a bit more strange than most :)

I will send Tamarame a message letting her know and as soon as she lets me know the next topic, I will post it in our forums.