Another down side to SMODO other then I dont think its even offered for sale is that its just a Plugin for 3DsMAX used with their Cams &...
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By the way your Work and Models look good.


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The T5 is a good all a round DSLR camera

I forgot to ask if you have a power adapter for the Canon and if not ebay sells them cheap. You will need one. Stop motion is a slow process, its not really possible to film on Batteries.


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Camera Comes first Steppers and motion controls comes later, Don't rush in to things. Dragon frame has it all there so every one can work their way in to it as they grow.

Dragon frame has MOCO a motion control system using stepper motors. Dragon frame control up to 16 motors, so if you have the hardware it can be used to control focus, zoom, Aperture as well as a Camera Slide, Dolly, Stage, PAN, TILT, ROLL on a frame per frame bases as well you can use DMX to control Lights (512 ch). With home built hardware and a Arduino to control Steppers from DF, something I'm working on here at Stop Motion Magic and there is a few vids on YT about it as well. I 3D print my Follow Focus and Zoom arm for my Rig using a pancake Nema17 Stepper with Micro stepping. Its been a work in progress for more then a year or so.


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Hello I use a Canon EOS Rebel T3 and its low on the list of live view cameras for Dragonframe , The Video is only 720p (I don't use it for video / I got it for Stopmotion) My Cameras top res is 4272x2848 RAW that is better then 4K (3840x 2160) and I don't film above that anyway. I do have a full mirror on the camera and they say it will make the camera vibrate as it moves and this can cause problems in stop motion rigs. You need good solid camera mounts and rigging to limit this. Other then that, this is all I needed. It costs 350$ new and if I wear it out I can buy 3 of them for the price of just one 60D.

I don't have a over heating issue with my camera but I do with my steppers on the camera rig.

18-55 stock lens I plan on adding a full frame Manuel macro lens, one that I can lock down the aperture and just use steppers to control focus, zoom and aperture from Dragon Frame. directly .


I posted the two links for the Male / Female User Back images as a test.…

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Hello every one, The links Marc added below may not load for you from the (( Network Page )) But they do load if you follow the "Read more" Link... Show more

Hello Hughchilles when they scan a puppet like that on a turn table they are using the scans in a digital environment like Maya or Blender and not... Show more

Hello every one, as we work out the colors of the main page and the lay out over the next few days we are going to see off-colors and hard to read... Show more

tutorials : If I was to do a tutorial like an automatic Camera Slide I would start a group here I'm not sure how much the users uses the tutorials... Show more

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I'm not sure you will find good information on Motion graphics design here. You could look on the forum

maybe this will help


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After Effects....... looks like it would work for the Animatic but Adobe has (Adobe Animation CC) and that would be better choice its more like editing software. There is (Storyboarder) [ ] its free or I use (StoryBoard Pro) [ ] it does a good job outputting Animatics as well as the story board thumbnails but its not free in fact the price has gone sky high :( Any animation software or Video editing software can be used to make a Animatic it is just a simple Animation, You will have too find the right software that works best for you and affordable. Good thing is there has never been so many free or Open software out there.

One other peace of software I can mention is OPENTOONZ, 100% free, Open Source Uses X sheets, great tool for Storyboarding and Animatics and Animations in general but It is so

hard to master, its not something just any one can just hop into and get the results they would like to see.


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