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I just backed this and it looks amazing and very helpful. Might want to check it out.…

Pretty cool thing I found on youtube

Transformers Generation Movie Stop Motion

Transformers Generation Stop Motion Movie. Finally it is done!. took me 6 month for whole filming proses. At the beginning this movie was suppose to...

This is a video a friend and I did a few years ago with legos figured I would post to. Let me know what you think.


Agent Orange

Lego Animation, I did a few years ago with a friend

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My newly finished claymation, let me know what you think

Campfire Bud's Plant

One of the many adventures of Campfire Bud

Gone Fishin'

A fisherman's unusual day! My most advanced set yet! and probably my favorite film i have ever made!

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behind the scenes of my set up

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This is a work in progress Barry Boxhead, I need to put some more finish touches on him. Then I will start filming the short he is in.

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