Here are links to two programs that the software creators have allowed us to offer. Anasazi and Helium Frog Animator. Both programs are very old and most likely won't work on many of the more modern computers. However you might like to grab them and give them a try. We suggest a program such as Stop Motion Pro for anyone who would like to animate without losing their hard work due to glitchy software. So use at your own risk! You can find a more reliable capture program such as Stop Motion Pro in our store here.

Click here to download Anasazi. Click here to download Helium Frog Animator.


Mold Making for Stop Motion Puppets and Props E-Book


  If you're interested in learning how to make soft molds for your puppet's clay replacement mouths, plastic props, plaster castings or models - this new e-book will teach you how to make them. If you want to watch a DVD on how to make molds for stop motion puppets, check out our Master Course here.

Written by Darren Llewellyn, he illustrates each step and different casting processes that are common in stop motion. Click here to download the PDF.

Stop Motion Puppet Construction 1st Edition E-Book

Neil Hughes and Shelley Smith introduce you to all of the fundamentals of making puppets. In this limited e-book you can learn the basics. If you want to learn everything in making stop motion films, check out our books in the stop motion store here. Download the PDF Stop Motion Puppet Construction here.