SuperMansion Season 3

I love the free stop motion comedy series from Sony Crackle, “SuperMansion.”  If you’re not already familiar with it, "SuperMansion" comes from many of the same people as the long-running Adult Swim “Robot Chicken.”  But the production values are higher, and there’s less potty humor. Still some, of course, but the writing is definitely at a higher level.  But instead of focusing on pop culture and nostalgic toys, it's a superhero-centric show. Aging superhero Titanium Rex -- voiced by Emmy, Golden Globe and Tony Award-winning actor Bryan Cranston (Call me Heisenberg!)-- has long headed the League of Freedom, a once-proud group of heroes that is on the decline due to an influx of heroes from the millennial generation who have little interest in fighting crime. Rex ends up mentoring the young warriors in the SuperMansion, where they live together, as they try to learn to fight for justice, liberty and the need to stay relevant to society.  The series also features the voice work of one of the Hollywood Chris’s, this time it’s Chris “Captain Kirk” Pine.

The second half of season 3 premiers October 4th.  Oh and did I say it’s free?  Click here to see the trailer