Casper - my first stop motion video

1 week 5 days ago #1533 by animateclay
Welcome 7stopmo7. I like your video, it strikes a nice balance of telling a simple story and not being too complicated. You say your puppet is 1:6 scale roughly? That is probably just a little to big. Most puppets are under 9 inches where possible, probably an average of 8 in a lot of cases.

For your first animation it is really good. The timing of the moves could maybe be improved on. I can tell what you were doing with the moon for example where it pops into the sky, stops short and you used some follow through at the end. Only it was a little slow and not snappy like i could tell you were going for. That will come as you get more experience. Maybe next make a follow up video of the same character? Perhaps he needs to cook his food to eat in his camp?

Thanks for posting your first animation!

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1 week 5 days ago #1532 by 7stomo7
I just finished my first stop motion video and would like to hear some critisism and suggestions for improvements.
I really had some problems with my puppet with wire armature. Precise movements were very hard to do. So I will definitely make a new puppet for my next project - probably soft clay. Also the scale (1:6) turned out to be difficult. My next puppet will be much smaller. The shadows on the background (sky) should also be avoided. I hope you can give me some suggestions for my further projects.

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