Electric guitar saddles for T style foot Tie Downs

7 years 10 months ago 7 years 10 months ago by MadR13d. Reason: Saw a 3 legged dog today, and this made me sad. My character only has one lock down so far....
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Electric guitar saddles for T style foot Tie Downs #639
If this scale is good for you, and you have spare guitar saddles around, like me, this seems a workable foot. Has the slot and holes already.

Thanks to the guy who put up the info about a T style foot tie down. He recommends a thinner bolt than the 1/4" one I used here.
This was quick and easy on a table wheel grinder though. For my clay foot I don't need posable toes, but someday I may make latex feet/shoes. I read that brass erodes latex. This foot is cheap nickle plating I think. I can still file down the "horns" left over from the Phillips head, to make more room for the foot.

I may try drilling some holes to add lock downs, making the leg and toes replaceable. Otherwise I was just going to use epoxy to attach the armature wire.

Thinking about my first ball and socket armature I want to make, I try to imagine a joint breaking. If you have a foam build up, fabric costume, seems you might have to remake a lot. Making two identical ones seems a wise choice.

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