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He Stephanie, nice video! Lighting is important and in stop motion things can get flickery if natural outdoor light is shining on your work. So I would try to cover your windows to reduce flicker.

Lighting is an art and much of it is up to your artistic eye. What do you like? What mood do you want? Is it a scary scene? Happy? Or would you like a cold colorless scientific look? It all depends on what you're after. But as a general rule, a rim light, key light and less bright fill-light are the most basic lights people try to use.


For your objects to stay in place, (if you're using food) you could try using wire or toothpicks under the food to elevate it a bit. Are you wanting your food to fly, or perhaps roll around?

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I'm trying my hand at stop motion for the very first time - school project. I'd like some tips about how to improve what I'm doing. I've been using iMovie to edit a string of stills. These are my few big questions:
1. How do I improve the quality of my lighting?
2. How do I get my objects to stay in place between shots?

Here's my clip:

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