latex puppet making & latex allergies

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latex puppet making & latex allergies #1019
hi, i'm very new to the world of stop motion animation, plaster molds, and latex or silicone puppet making. I've done alittle research from what i could find online. First things first i have a latex alergy, does anyone know if you can still safely make a latex puppet from a mold and work with it later? I was also looking at silicone puppets and there use in the movie "the fantastic mr fox" what reason would you use latex puppets? what reason would you use silicone puppets and not latex? also any reading material books that teach on the subject can you suggest, would be much appreciated. I started making polymer clay miniatures afew years ago and found out i'm pretty good at it, one of my inspirations is ray harryhausen. I thought to myself could i cast molds from my polymer clay creations and then animate them? anyway thats my big idea that got me here. thanks for your help.

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