Changing Into Goals and Suggestions

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Changing Into Goals and Suggestions #1504
Hey I just joined today so I have no idea about a lot of things, I assumed it was more than claymation but do think it's limiting name like a subculture within a subculture of animation haha.

I couldn't join says come back another time? I don't know if that's because of excessive members at capacity or something else?

I am in favour of all those suggestions I like dark themes and I'm pretty handy with design programs if you wanted help with any of it. I think URL is tricky stop motion magic sounds good but it is close to and does it cover puppets? do people do puppets here? Maybe that's another area? The whole concept of stop motion is magic to me so I think it's a great word to have in there whatever you go with.

I hope I'm not being that new person that posts a lot annoying veterans but maybe my perspective is good/fresh.

I had a brief look at the challenge section, I have seen similar concepts fail on other forums sometimes people are busy sometimes it's the same people over and over sometimes it's just the theme people don't want to be limited. I would suggest more open vague titles like WIP or Sketch/model battle maybe people pick a topic and someone does a concept for it then picks the next poster's theme? I dunno it is hard when it's a time consuming thing like puppet making you kind of want that long deadline but I would do away with it anyway it's hard work to maintain the energy of competitions better to have them once off occasionally I reckon.

I am mostly here to be inspired by people who are better than me at this stuff and read Q&A things, I think things that are easy to be involved in are best like "What equipment do you use currently?" "Favourite/inspiring films?" The more open ended and free the vibe is the more people will post and make a community it's when forums are being run by like a showrunner that it's hard especially for new people to partake.
I used to be on a music forum that slowly died, the only threads that refused to die were 'Post random shit for lols' and 'What are you listening to right now' I guess the equivalent here would be 'What are you into at the moment?'

Also saw do people just keep adding posts to their own WIP threads here? That's really cool. I think less threads with more posts is easier on the eyes, I vote on a 'Question/resources' section, a 'WIP/project' section and a 'Talking/chill/fun/games' section

So yea tl;dr version: Less is more, make it more accessible to newbies and a safe haven for sharing anything and asking questions
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Changing Into Goals and Suggestions #1502
Hey everyone, there are some important things that I think we should address with our site. In the past three months or so it's gotten really quiet here. I think there are several reasons why that is, but first let me first mention why this site exists. There are several reasons:

1 - Educating people how stop motion is done through simple tutorials
2 - An outlet for people to ask questions and receive help
3 - A place to post finished projects (puppets/sets/tests etc) in order to get feedback, views or more exposure
4 - To read inspirational news about what is happening in the world of stop motion
5 - Challenge each other with our 5 week challenges to gain more experience and better our skills

So what happened? I think the main problem as of now is our site appears to be geared towards clay animators only. It has been this way for some time, but if you look at our previous challenge entries - it is always a mix of mediums. Some like clay, others modified toys, some are a mix of latex, fabric and other materials.

I think the URL is part of the problem. Even though our site is for anyone interested in stop motion, first time visitors may not know that. I would like to use as our URL. A broader spectrum of people contributed while it was in use, especially older and more experienced animators to help the younger film makers.

Next, the look of the site should be more mature as right now it looks more like a kid friendly site. Not that this will ever change (as in kid-friendly), but more mature film makers may feel it's an inappropriate place to post their work. Here is our old web site graphics and look:

What does everyone think of this old style? Should we go with that scheme or something similar?

I think if we resolve the site URL and look of the site, more people may contribute and become active in sharing their work.

Other areas of change may be with our challenges and forums. Should we just use the groups section on the main page for those and ditch the forums? Or get rid of the groups and have just the forums?

It's really up to us all to figure out what direction the site takes if we are to make it work. I definitely can't do it alone and would love to know what ideas everyone reading this has to say.

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