Looking for clay, silicone or plastiline to hosl figurines

9 months 4 weeks ago #1406 by danielgfkemp
Hi community, thanks for sharing your tips and knowledge. I just started creating my own videos. I'm using anime figures (like s.h.-figuarts & Saint Seiya). But I'm having difficulty keeping the figures standing. I have created some wire bindings. They work well but not for everything or all the movements. Do you know of some type of dough-plastiline or clay that I can use? I am looking for something that is easy to remove without damaging the figures. Thank you.

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9 months 4 weeks ago #1407 by animateclay
Hi Daniel, have you seen some of Patrick Boivins videos? He uses action figures and attaches rigs to them with ball and socket joints. It allows you a lot of freedom to get them moving without the need to put weight on their legs. Here's a video:

The only thing is you need to remove the rigs in a paint program. Krita is my favorite free option, then of course there is Photoshop as well.

Here's another video he made that shows his process:

If the legs or arms don't stay in place you might want to try drilling small holes where they connect and inserting thin wires. If you want to use some sort of clay, I'd go with Puppet Putty. It's got a nice shiny plastic look and the colors don't bleed on your fingers much at all.

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