Which material is this?

7 months 2 days ago #1448 by DrNibbert
Hey everyone!

I always believed that Stopmotion was mostly done with plasticine, until i cam across this video on youtube:

Can anyone tell me what material they are using for the body? (this grey paste) and were i can buy it?

Also what kind of colors they use to paint it - i guess that it needs to be a special color that doesn't crumble?

Thanks a lot for your support!!

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7 months 1 day ago #1449 by animateclay
Replied by animateclay on topic Which material is this?
Hey DrNibbert, welcome to the site. I believe they are using either a foam silicone or cold cast foam urethane. Soma Foama is I believe one brand of foam silicone you can look up. You can pigment it with tints as well as with paints specially made for silicone. Try Smooth-On, they have all sorts of really good materials. Here's the Soma Foama:


Here are their line of silicone paint products:


I use their stuff a lot, they are a good company. If you call them their tech support is really good too.

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