Dreambear Productions hired to talented animators and artists from Stoopid Buddy Stodios to create Blink-182's Christmas song ironically called "Not Another Christmas Song". The company has points of contact across the globe to source film makers for any type of project, from stop motion to CG.


Johnny McHone who animated on the video posted a lot of great behind the scenes shots during his stint on the video. If you'd like to check them out you can find them on his Twitter page right here. Just scroll down to his December 2019 posts for some amazing stop motion eye candy.

Mooshine Animation created a video on how they created Figma Potato for their short animations. If you're not familiar with Moonshine, they create short films based around anime, memes and lots and lots of modified toys with occasional clay work as well. The team does make a modest amount of money for their creations through their Patreon. So if you're the type who wants to support stop motion check out how to donate on over here.

Have you seen Justins new series on how he thinks through his animation? Probably not as this is brand new and exciting stuff! If you'd like to subscribe to his YouTube channel you can do so right over here


Edu Puertas has made a video showing what he did to create his Matilda stop motion puppet. It's not a tutorial exactly but you can glean a lot of insight into how he went about creating her and how you could use the same processes.

robin robin

Bristol-based stop-motion animation studio Aardman Studios is working on its first project for Netflix— a new 30-minute special title Robin Robin, which will debut in time for Christmas 2020. The “mini-movie” tells the story of a bird, who is raised by a loving family of mice, after her egg rolls into a rubbish dump.

The announcement of the special was followed up with the news that Aardman’s A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon is joining feature slate. Netflix has picked up the sci-fi/comedy sequel for the U.S., Canada and Latin American markets from StudioCanal.

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