The Dream Machine was six years in the making and is now available for those that want to play this visually stimulating game. You can now find the very latest chapter on Steam by clicking here. Find all chapters and the demo on Steam over here. You can also see some behind the scenes images and read more about it over on The Verge by clicking here crashed this past week, I am sorry for that! It appears that the social network part of the site broke everything upon a newly released update. The company we use has been informed and we've been working hard to get everything back. the moment it doesn't look good. There are two things that may happen. We may need to move to another host as we've maxed out our file limit where we are. Another problem is the network may or may not get fixed, but we're keeping our fingers crossed. It would be a big let down if that happens for everyone. So for now I'm trying to remain positive. At least much of the site is now up and running.

UPDATE: Our site is back online thanks to the Jomsocial team. The site even has a little more functionality and I also added SSL capabilities. Now the site is even more secure, so maybe it was a good thing to have it crash on us the past week!