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animateclay created a new topic ' September 20th to October 25th, 2017 Challenge Topic: Halloween!' in the forum. 16 hours 24 minutes ago

Greg gregr3398 who won our previous Zombies challenge came up with the newest topic. Halloween! It's a good topic as the 5 weeks will be on the 25th of October, the week of Halloween itself.

As always the rules are the same but if you're new - check the rules out by clicking the 5 Week Challenge Rules link at the top of our site. Good luck everyone!


johnken424 replied to the topic 'What kind of Clay do you use?' in the forum. 2 days ago

Thank you for the advice! I'll do the mineral oil and rubbing alcohol method. I already bought a ton of van akken clay and can't get myself to buy a new brand of clay. But i'll keep puppet putty in mind for the future as I run out! Thank you! :)


animateclay replied to the topic 'What kind of Clay do you use?' in the forum. 2 days ago

Hi John, that's a very common problem. There are a few solutions. One is to constantly wash your hands in-between color changes. What I used to do is take some mineral oil and get it on my finger tips until it melted the clay residue a bit. Then I would wipe my fingers on a paper towel. You can also use rubbing alcohol - the higher the concentration of alcohol the better and do the same thing. Baby wipes are another option which are convenient but more expensive to keep using.

Then there's Puppet Putty. It's designed for animators so it doesn't transfer colors to your hands as you animate. We're almost out, but you might consider it for your future projects. The inventor Don Carlson is working on a new formula that sounds even better than the current version, which he says doesn't crack ever when you bend it. But I'm not sure when that may be released.