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Hey Delmonico Welcome to Stopmotion magic Some times there are updates that stop uploads I will look in to it.

Casting videos

Delmonico created a new topic ' Help for forum' in the forum. 16 hours 58 minutes ago

I've asked a question on another topic that includes a couple photos. Every time I've tried to attach them they appear at the bottom with a message that says "Failed to create attachment directory.". The photos show in the preview but they are not anywhere on the forum page.


Hi all. Total newbie to this forum and was wondering if I could get a suggestion on trying to cast my first latex head. I have attached a couple of photos of Mysterious Mose (very much a work in progress as far as sculpting), a plasticine head. I have planned to make a two-part plaster cast, making the first pour to a good place to have the seam. I assume that this seam could split the head left and right or front to back. Given the shape of the head (the little wooden "eyeballs" are going to be removed prior to casting), the big schnoz, and the open mouth, which is most likely to work? Thanks for any help you may be able to give me. Also, any suggestions for "how to" videos for working with the latex casting process would be appreciated.


Dose anyone have tips on how to animate a clay face melting

animateclay Usually animators use heat guns and snap individual photos of the face melting. They did this in the Tool videos with the main character. They made his face out of layers of wax. 6 days ago
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Claymation horror

Rather you like watching or creat horror claymation this is a good group 

My character bones from sadistic tale my new claymation horror comedy series

My character bones from sadistic tale my new claymation horror comedy series

Sadistic tale s1 e4 a killer day off

sadistic tale: a killer day off funny...

bones and Mercedes are so tired after all their latest kills they decide to take a day off bit can their sadistic minds handle a whole day without...