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Adriano Bitencourt added a video. 2 days ago

Hi Guys, I created this animation in stop motion, but I've many problems with the project. I'm putting the link below for you to know. Some things... Show more

The Silly Man - (Pilot) Stop Motion Animation

The silly man was an arduous production that didn’t go ahead because of the lack of project structure and manpower, but the idea still stands and...

Xiakeyra added a video. 3 days ago

Saint Seiya Saori Kido Athena Stop Motion & Making

A simple clay animation of this anime character Saori Kido, Athena from Saint Seiya and the process of modelling the clay.

The network part of our site was just updated and has a new feature. If you message someone you can have a live chat with them in the same way... Show more

Claymation murder

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Clay bear 3

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Xiakeyra replied to the topic 'August 16 to September 20th, 2017 Challenge Topic: Zombies!' in the forum. 4 days ago

I'm on holidays till September so plenty of time to make claymation and this entry for this challenge, yay!