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DougSouth added a video. 1 hour 2 minutes ago

Traditional construction of the Shammesh Center!

This video will let you know about the construction of Shammesh centre which was built to help the...
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Construction traditionnelle du Centre Shammesh

L'ONG Vers un monde meilleur "Shammesh" a réalisé la construction du centre d'Avril 2015 à Février 2016. Le centre accueille déjà des bénévoles pour...

Hey everyone. Tonight there will be no live show. I know everyone is getting ready for Thanksgiving - so we're going to skip this week. We also have... Show more

Tamarame replied to the topic 'November 1st to December 6th 2017 topic: Feather!' in the forum. 3 days ago

This is my episode about feathers.
Tips to improve are welcome :)



Tamarame added a video. 3 days ago

Birds have feathers | Animation

Just me talking about birds and feathers. NEW animations on MONDAY! ► SUBSCRIBE to stay up to date with my content....

Xiakeyra added a video. 5 days ago

English subtitles available.
Finde out why my xiyos are orange in this video

El Libro de los Xiyos: De qué se alimentan los...

stop motion clay animation, nature, fantastic creatures and cute clay creations! English subtitiles available! Descubre el maravilloso mundo de los...

LEGOpolis added a video. 6 days ago

watch my new brickfilm:
LEGOpolis - 01 - Lego Spiderman and Garada K7

LEGOpolis - 01 - Lego Spiderman and Garada K7

EPISODE 01 Will Lego Spiderman and Iceman succeed in saving Legopolis? Or will Garada K7 destroy Legopolis? And who is behind this terrifying attack...

Eduardo added a video. 1 week ago

Alucinante dulce

A video I made years ago with friends, we were trying to figure out stop motion

animateclay Very nice, what kind of camera did you use on this? Was it on film? 5 days ago
Eduardo Thanks! we used an old borrowed camera, not film but I guess it was one of the first digital cameras, we did not had any software or anything so its... Show more 5 days ago