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animateclay created a new topic ' July 18th to August 22nd, 2018 Puppet Making Challenge: Elves' in the forum. yesterday

It's time to switch things up. This challenge will be a puppet making challenge to test your skills. Puppets can be made of clay, fabric, plastic, wood or found parts. It must be something you can animate. No toys will be allowed.

The topic is Elves!

I would suggest sketching puppets first. Wire armatures will be easiest to make. Then anything goes for the rest as long as it is on topic.

For design ideas, here is what pops up on google images when I did a search:

Post photos in here when you're done to enter and we'll discuss your puppets live on the 22nd. Good luck everyone!


Xiakeyra shared a video in group. 7 days ago

A new creepy internet fad turned into claymation stopmotion animation

MOMO the most cursed and creepiest phone number!...

A new sort of creepypasta or creepy urban legend recreated with clay, stop motion animation. Momo is said to be a demon or a creature with a cursed...

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animateclay That is very creep Xiakeyra, I wouldn't want to see her down a dark alley at night. 6 days ago
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ianharding and Mik liked Video 2 weeks ago

Cortometraje "La capa" y Making Of subtitulado.