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Schools and Colleges

De Anza College: DeAnza College located in Northern California. I recently spoke to Marin McNimara about his classes and discovered that his students learn many of the different forms of animation done by hand. These include cel animation, clay animation, and puppet animation.

Bristol UWE: UK: What makes this training course unique from any other animation skills based training course that we know of, is that we are lucky enough to have the support of a wide range of top animation studios including Aardman Animations, Fictitious Egg, A Productions, 4:2:2, Bolex Brothers, Beryl Productions and the BBC Bristol Animation Unit amongst others. Professional animators, model makers, producers and sound specialists from the industry all contribute seminar sessions to the course program, making for a rich and unique learning experience.

CalArts: A stop-motion workspace (The Butler Building) that includes 3 shooting studios for stop-motion, each stocked with a nice grip cart, and a rehearsal cage with a lunchbox for doing tests.

R.I.T. (New York USA): At Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester New York we have a sequence of 3 Stop Motion related classes.

SCAD (Georgia USA): ANIM 218 Stop Motion I: In this course, students explore a wide range of stop motion styles, materials and techniques including clay, object and puppet animation, utilizing both tabletop and multi-plane setups.

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