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Supplies and Materials

​Foam Latex: Burman Industries: Burmans line of foam latex products and sculpting supplies. Not to mention many casting and mold making materials.

Foam Latex: Monster Makers: Monster Makers line of foam latex products.

Foam Latex: Michael Davey: MD Foam for short. This latex uses less ingredients and is generally more suitable for beginners to mix.

Hollywood Lighting Services Inc.: For professional lighting equipment, such as colored gels, light bulbs, and filters.

Kino Flo (Soft Lighting): Here at Kino Flo Inc., we specialize in providing easily attainable soft light — similar to what you’d find when sunshine reflects off a white wall, or when a candle shines brightly through a paper lantern.

Make Your Mark Art Supplies (Australia): Australian supplier of mold and art materials.

MOULDLIFE Foam Latex, Silicones "UK": Sells all sorts of mold making materials including foam latex, silicone and related products.

Perfect Touch Micro Sculpting Tool: If your looking for micro sculpting tools this new company hand makes them. If you know anything about sculpting tools you know that hand made tools are always the best. I would suggest these tools for very small sculptures.

Small Parts: Anything you need to build a ball and socket armature can be found here. Thumb screws, threaded rod, aluminum stock, ball bearings, tools, milling machines and more.

Smooth-On Mold Making Supplies Global: If you need silicone for molding, casting or anything else - Smooth-On has just about everything.

The Stop Motion Store: Need an armature kit? Ball and socket parts? Puppet eye balls? Software? Books or tutorials to show you the way? This site has all you will need.

Van Aken Claytoon (US Supplier): 1 and 4.5 pound bars of almost every color of Van Aken imaginable. Very affordable but does not ship internationally.

QuantumCat Winders: Animation rigging for low budget stop motion animators.

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