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Marq Evans Welcome to my Daydream Will Vinton Documentary

Welcome To My Daydream (now ClayDream) is a feature documentary film about Will Vinton, the ‘Father of Claymation’ and creator of such iconic characters as the California Raisins, the Noid, the Red and Yellow M&M’s and the PJ’s, just to name a few. In short the documentary is a celebration of Will as a person who made major impacts in Portland Oregon and in the stop motion community.


Since Wills passing on October 4th, 2018, Marq expressed his sympathy on Facebook saying "It’s with great sadness we share the news of Will Vinton’s passing. Will was an incredible man that led a wonderful life and he’ll be missed by so many. Getting to know him over the past several years while making this film has been a real honor and our entire team will cherish our time with Will." The documentary will be the last one to be made during Wills life making it ever more important and feature some of Wills final interviews. Find out more about the documentary by clicking here, or visit the old official Kickstarter campaign here.​​​​​​

Welcome To My Claydream, the official trailer

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