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  • animateclay News Returns!

Good news. If you haven't noticed, in the last year there were a lot of changes to Yes, the entire site was re-done from scratch to preserve our tutorials. It runs much better now and I think is much more informative and fun to look around.

The next goal was to make a new community since our previous version of this site was so out of date that there were spam bots that overtook our forums. In order to get around that problem I build the new Discord community which is already going strong, with over 150 members.

The final goal was to add a stop motion and clay animation news section back onto this site, and that's exactly what you are seeing here with this first post. Although it's just a hobby for me to run this page, I do plan to post news updates here to help inspire and get people interested in this rare art.

If you'd like to contribute, go to our contact page and send me news you'd like to see here. Or maybe you have a Kickstarter campaign you want to promote? Let me know and I'll get the word out!

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