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Behind the scenes of HIDARI: The Stop-motion Samurai Film

A new behind the scenes video was released for the award winning Japanese film called Hidari. According to the creators "This film will tell the action-packed story of Jingoro Hidari, a legendary sculptor who is said to have existed in the Edo period of Japan, although his very existence is yet to be confirmed. Many of his anecdotes claim that he was able to “breathe life” into wooden sculptures, which is exactly what we wanted to do in this stop-motion film."

The video shows designs, concepts, how the puppets work, the animation process and a lot more. The have a website which explains how they have a feature length project in the works too. The short film was also created by several of Japans specialists in stop motion, including Tecerat, Dwarf Studios and Whatever Co. You can take a look at the official HIDARI website by clicking here.

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