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Bottle George, Short Film about Addiction

Akihiro Nishino and the famous Japanese Dwarf Studio created a film about addiction. It isn't out yet but the preview that was released looks really well made. Akihiro's role seems to be more of a writer than the creative stop motion side of things. In a pinned YouTube comment, he had this to say about the project below (translated to English):

"I made a stop-motion short film called Bottle George, which depicts a family dealing with addiction.

Addiction is often dismissed as a ``self-responsibility theory'' (weak will), but it is a clear brain disease.

Personally, I've seen famous people who ruined their lives with alcohol, drugs, or gambling and thought to myself, ``You're an idiot. Get better. Think about the people around you.''

It was a terrible lack of study. sorry.

A few years ago, my perspective on addiction changed.

I watched a dear friend of mine suffer from this disease and break down, but what I saw was not a story of a person's recovery from the disease due to a single trigger;

It was like an ant hell, where no matter how much I tried to escape, I was dragged into a dark hole over and over again.

I tried to prevent my friend from making the worst choice at all costs by inviting her out to eat from time to time, but I don't think that time was a distraction for her.

I didn't come to the conclusion that ``I'll try my best starting tomorrow.''

When it comes to addiction, not only the person himself/herself, but also the people who support him/her don't know what to do (I went to the hospital). I decided.

"It's okay. It's okay," I said.

Director Tsutsumi also has someone he knows who suffers from addiction, and has seen the suffering of those addicts up close, so he said, ``It's not a knee-jerk ending, but I'm aware of the pros and cons, but it's an addiction that we witnessed firsthand.'' Let's portray the disease honestly,'' the two of us discussed.

This is the background behind the stop-motion short film Bottle George.


I sincerely hope that this story will reach many people and provide an opportunity to think about addiction.

It was carefully and carefully made by all the staff.

Please provide some support.

Akihiro Nishino (King Kong)"

You can find the official Bottle George website by clicking here to see more. They also have a great behind the scenes gallery that is fairly extensive on Instagram here.

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