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Factory Transmedia Goes Out of Business

The 24 year old animation studio Factory Transmedia has just recently gone out of business. Citing audience and economic changes as to their reason to close their doors, the studio leaves behind a LOT of great animation. Their past shows include Scream Street, Clangers, Club Penguin Monster Beach Party, Roary the Race Car, Strange Hill High and more.

They were not exclusively a stop motion studio but were flexible in creating puppet, CG and 2-D animations. Almost everything they made looked great, which begs the question - why? Is it the economy right now, is it the use of social media? Maybe people are disliking the style or traditional storytelling techniques? Or maybe internet broadcast companies like Netflix, Disney+, Hulu and others all divide audiences into smaller groups?

It also begs the question, what does their fall mean for other aspiring filmmakers who want to build their own stop motion studios? Are there lessons to be learned and can they adapt and succeed in today's environment?

Nothing can last forever, but the official Factory website is still online. You can see all their past work, watch their showreels, find out what awards they received and take a look at what was once a bustling company. Click here to take a look.

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