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Memoir of a Snail from Adam Elliot

Another snail themed stop motion? Yes! But this time it's Memoir of a Snail by Adam Elliot. You may recognize the name, Adam made some popular films in the past. Mary and Max and Harvie Krumpet being the two more famous ones.

What is his latest film about? Here's what we know:

"Memoir of a Snail is a poignant, heartfelt and hilarious chronicle of the life of an outsider finding her confidence and silver linings amongst the clutter of everyday life.

Grace Pudel is a lonely misfit with an affinity for collecting ornamental snails and an intense love for books. At a young age, when Grace is separated from her fire-breathing twin brother Gilbert, she falls into a spiral of anxiety and angst. Despite a continued series of hardships, inspiration and hope emerge when she strikes up an enduring friendship with an elderly

eccentric woman named Pinky, who is full of grit and lust for life."

If you're lucky enough to live in Australia, you can see the premiere of the film at the Melbourne International Film Festival in August.

If you'd like to see some behind the scenes pictures from the project, check out Adams Instagram page here for more.

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