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Ratbad Studios: Daffy in Wackyland

Daffy in Wackyland tries to stretch stop motion to its limits with this extremely funny animation!

It is a refreshing take on the popular Daffy Duck who was normally animated in a hand drawn 2-D way. 2-D lends itself to a lot of squash and stretch, as well as a lot of other techniques not really associated with puppet animation. It must have been a real challenge for Ratbat Studios, the group behind the short.

Ratbat is run by Max Winston and he was the one to primarily fabricate and animate much of the film. The studio has a demo reel and other videos showing much of their lively work right here on Vimeo.

If you would like to see behind the scenes videos and still images from Daffy in Wackyland, Max has been uploading a lot to his Instagram over here.

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