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Raymonde or the Vertical Escape

Sarah Van Den Boom created this award winning film about four years ago. It isn't very well known to audiences in the west, mainly due to the language it is in. Luckily with YouTube you can see it and also have it translated within YouTube using the closed captioning option.

According to the description "Describing her film as one about “desire in the broad sense”, Van Den Boom explains (in the film’s press kit) that her character is searching for “a form of transcendence that would make her see the world from above and taste a kind of passion to which all her soul aspires”. Essentially a tale of self-discovery, Raymonde is looking back at her life and wondering if she made the right choices – as her impulses are telling her something quite different."

If you are interested to read more about the people behind this past project, PaPay 3d Productions has a page about the creators here.

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