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Shrine Of Abominations

Have you heard of Shrine of Abominations? It's a stop motion psychedelic horror film by Skinner and Ross Kennedy. Word has it that the last live action and stop motion scene has been turned in for editing. This means it won't be long until it is ready for release of Chapter 1 on the wider internet for everyone to see.

The film began around seven years ago where Skinner and Ross build most of the puppets and set pieces for the project. Then they ramped things up with a Kickstarter campaign that you can see right over here. The funding was a success, and that meant they could hire talented animators to help out. According to some of the information, Phil Tippett even got involved at some level of the production.

For those who want more, Skinner has a fairly recent interview where he talks in more detail about the project on the HorrorBuzz YouTube channel here.

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