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Snowman from Neon Cat Productions

When you think of stop motion studios, you might think of the big names such as Laika or Aardman. But have you heard of Neon Cat Productions?

I know I never heard of them, but when the Snowman video from Sia popped up in my suggested videos on YouTube, I knew I had to find out who made it.

Sia Kate Isobelle Furler is an Australian singer and songwriter who hires Neon Cat to make her music videos. The studio is a CLIO award winner and has made over 400 music videos in total since their start. The company is run by Lior Molcho and Danit Sigler in LA and for Snowman, it was animated by Damon Wellner. Damon is known for animating toys on his YouTube channel and has been animating toys for over 17 years.

The sets were designed by Katie C Shipley who is a graphic artist and art director. Finally Chen Biton was called on to produce the video. Chen is no stranger to making music videos and has also made others for David Guetta, Weezer, Jesse & Joy, and Michael Bublé.

If you'd like to visit the Neon Cat Production website, you can do so by clicking here to learn more about them. As with all studios, they are a good place to send your own demo reels to if you think you'd like to work with them.

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