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Walking the Dog: Ghostbusters Fan Film

Stunt Puppet Pictures has been working on bringing this fan film to life for quite a while and now it's out! Walking the Dog hearkens back to when stop motion monsters were part of live action films, just like the Terror Dog was in the original film in 1984. The project not only pays tribute to Ghostbusters, but also showcases the amazing artistry of Stunt Puppet Pictures. The small studio run by Justin and Shel Rasch keeps putting out top notch quality shorts and animations.

The studio which is run out of a large barn near Portland Oregon (home of Laika Studios) has a small apartment space to accommodate animators and artists. Between both the barn and the house on their property, they have room for around 15 animation stages. Enough to potentially make a feature film or multiple advertisements and short films. The possibilities are growing in Portland and the company may be the next big thing!

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